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Martin Ferro

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Martin Ferro holds an MA in culture and communication and have cofounded several companies. He was pursuing his PhD fellowship in contemporary art and organisational change at Freie Universität Berlin & University of Copenhagen, when he was invited to cofound publishing service Issuu, today one of the largest living libraries online.

Martin later founded Conferize, a SaaS platform to disrupt the events industry, which he took public in 2017 on Nasdaq. In 2021 Martin co-founded the experimental organisation Massive.earth that worked with scalable climate action.

“Most of my time is spent trying to understand what we can do to implement scalable climate action and how to increase human consciousness.” 

“I've worked +15 years as a startup founder, primarily with online platforms disrupting legacy industries. The past several years I've shifted my focus to scalable climate action, both from an entrepreneurial, political, existential and activist perspective. I've spent +10 years on personal development and consciousness exploration and view the recent advances in consciousness understanding from philosophy, neuroscience and quantum physics as the most profound and timely change agent of our time.”

“It's clear we need to transition to a post-growth society with a more balanced economic system based on actual human values, contesting the current all-encompassing materialist belief system.” 

“I see the climate crisis as a symptom of under-developed human consciousness. With the accelerating climate crisis we need to patch the economic system to reflect all of reality. Because the most important things are not things at all.”

–Martin Ferro, May 2022  

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